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hosting provider with servers in the USA - any recommendations?

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  • hosting provider with servers in the USA - any recommendations?

    I would like to ask about the most reliable hosts offering shared hosting in US!
    I have found Hostforweb hosting provider with servers in the USA.
    Their hosting deals look ok for my sites.
    What are your views on their services, pricing, features?

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    I have signed up with HostForweb few years ago, and I have been impressed with their support.
    The server, which my account is setup on, it had one short downtime, which I was told due to the kernel update to close the security hole.


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      We recently moved from a vps to a dedicated at Hostforweb web hosting provider. We had been on the exact vps we ordered for almost 6 months but needed to upgrade. Took only 12 hours to get the new server built, took 4 days to migrate to the new server (my site was only down for 90 mins at the end).


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        Hostforweb is great! What I want to recommend to others is, their customer service.
        Every time I got some questions, I ask them online, no waiting times, there is always someone waiting there online to help us, it's just amazing. Thank them a lot.


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          Luckily I've haven't had to use the support a lot, but when I have had to use it, responses have been very fast, and they will work with you to get things fixed. Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable. A really big Thank to all Hostforweb team!