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Audience Size And The Radio

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  • Audience Size And The Radio

    As a listener to broadcast radio I have a few questions that bug me.......

    How big does your audience need to be to advertise on the radio?

    I listen to talk radio, mostly sports talk but some political and local, and I notice all the commercials for Zip Recruiter. Now Zip Recruiter isn't a job board (though they are starting to post jobs) but is for people hiring and they advertise all the time.

    Now there are a couple other job hiring types on the radio.

    There are other examples as well such as Grainger and Kronos. Those people only work with businesses and not the self employed type businesses but ones with employees.

    There is very little info on marketing on the radio.

    Does anyone know a rule for how large your audience needs to be to advertise on the radio?

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    It isn't audience size.

    If you are a local business, it's matching your offer to the type of audience the radio station attracts. It's also making sure the listeners are in the local area.

    Are you selling something with wide appeal? Or is it a specialty product? Is it a local business or national?

    The general rule is that talk radio (sports, religion, politics) works better than listening to music.
    Advertising rates are based on number of listeners (their inflated estimate).