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    Which format is best when we wants to use our pictures for web and mobile device

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    Each format has its own set of pros and cons. Vector formats are ideally suited for images that consist of simple geometric shapes (e.g. logos, text, icons, and so on), and deliver sharp results at every resolution and zoom setting, which makes them an ideal format for high-resolution screens and assets that need to be displayed at varying sizes.
    However, vector formats fall short when the scene is complicated (e.g. a photo): the amount of SVG markup to describe all the shapes can be prohibitively high and the output may still not look “photorealistic”. When that’s the case, that’s when you should be using a raster image format such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, or one of the newer formats such as JPEG-XR and WebP.
    Raster images do not have the same nice properties of being resolution or zoom independent - when you scale up a raster image you’ll see jagged and blurry graphics. As a result, you may need to save multiple versions of a raster image at various resolutions to deliver the optimal experience to your users.