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Drop in rank since updating to https

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  • Drop in rank since updating to https

    Hi Guys

    I have a network community forum based sites for many years. Back in Jan i started to convert them to https.

    I basiscally set it up as follows

    1. Converted all software and internal links (apart from internal link members inputted over the years to other threads)
    2. Created the Forced http to https
    3. Checked all of this with direct checker.
    4. Deleted old google webmaster tools and made a https version
    5. Submitted new sitemap

    Crawling from google seems good, but then in feb/ march we saw around a 30% drop and it seems that our rankings have fallen.

    We are seeing a typical ranking from 2.1 to 7.8

    Can anyone recommend some tips on what to check? I presume the ranking is mostly on the http version, but i was under the assumption that a 301 redirect would hand over the ranking to the https.


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    301 permanent redirect would do the magic, but make sure to create all the forms of your website on Google search console...the same happened to my page but all my links came back in a matter of time...