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How to drive free traffic to our website daily...

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  • How to drive free traffic to our website daily...

    i need to improve my website and it is a classified website and i need to improve its traffic....last one year i stopped seo so it went down in ranking and now i am stating it again and need to improve the traffic. and also ranking so help me to get good traffic and also ranking.

    what should i do for both ranking and traffic

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    As you are saying you were doing SEO previously so the on-page SEO should be good if you have not made any major changes on your site. You should focus on off page techniques and try to produce some good quality content and relate them to your traffic. Also, try new SEO techniques like the rich snippet, infographics, Image marketing. That will also boost your ranking and traffic.


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      1. Create a Google My Business Account
      2. Perform On-Page SEO
      3. Get Listed
      4. Post to Social Media
      5. Use Hashtags
      6. Use Landing Pages
      7. Target Long-Tail Keywords


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        1. Advertise
        2. Get Social- Be active on social platforms
        3. Pay attention to on page-SEO
        4. Go for referral traffic
        5. Invite others to guest blog on your site


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          You can check some effective tips to improve SEO of your site
          To increase the traffic of your website, a good rank in the search engines is essential. However, SEO is a semi-permanent job and it often takes several months to reach the no. 1 position. Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is essential to growing the number of visitors to Google is a good …


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            Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver of business growth. It can help you to:
            • See how well your marketing is working
            • Gather insights about your audience to make decisions
            • Improve your SEO and search engine credibility
            • Generate more leads, increase conversions, and get more customers