Most of you are searching for a web host and must be asking from reviewers and people which are the best web hosting company in India or Which web hosting company i should choose in India.

My Experience of Past 10 years in web hosting Industry helped me with a conclusion and here are my views :

5 Things you Must Check before choosing a web hosting company

1 . Don't check Up-time Promises

Most companies claim 100 % uptime in order to lure customer . To be practical in nature , all web hosting companies have downtime due to server reboots and maintenance . If you are choosing web hosting who claims to provide 100 percent uptime to you , you are wrong !

2. Don't judge Server Location

if your provider has abilities to ping your data from all over the world from the different remote location . you landed to a better web hosting company .

3. What hardware your Host use ?

Ask your web Hosting provider to tell you about hardware they are using . its ok to ask this question

4. Do your Hosting provider comes along with some guarantee ?

What if your web hosting provider fails very the first month to deliver you his promises . Does your web host come along with a Guarantee ? Always ask how much is guaranteed period after i choose web hosting . ( Please note that domains do not come along with guarantee , only shared hosting plans comes along with guarantee . Web Hosting company i am using i.e TNP HOST provides 30 days money Back guarantee .

5. If your web host comes along with some Caging system like CageFS ?

This is a hidden facility with some web hosts . This ensures that if some other web hosting accounts are affected because of their own reason , there will be no impact on your shared account .