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How did Elon Musk become so successful?

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  • How did Elon Musk become so successful?

    Out of so many of them i find how Elon Musk is so successful and i am curious to know how he became the man he is today

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    It’s a very rare combination of things:
    1. Intellectual curiosity. One guy he interviewed for a job at Tesla worked on a chicken farm. Elon spent the whole interview asking “what’s that like?”
    2. Really smart. He’s smarter in more areas than anyone I know.
    3. Reads a lot of books. As a child, he’d spend 10 hours a day reading books.
    4. Eidetic memory (aka “photographic memory”).
    5. Works like a dog. At least 100 hours/wk. I’ve sent him emails at odd times and I often only have to wait <5 minutes for a response.
    6. Incredible focus on the product/customer satisfaction.
    7. Hires great people. Usually only hires people who can prove, with something they have accomplished, that they are in the top 1%.
    8. Previous successes. Those enable him to raise money to do the impossible.
    9. Audacious goals and vision.
    10. Tenacity. Once he sets a goal he doesn’t give up. He told me a story about Tesla’s early days where an irrational shareholder tried to sink the company. Many people would have given up, but Elon figured out probably the only non-obvious way out of the mess.
    11. Thinks outside the box.
    12. He’s very eclectic. He’s an expert in more topics than anyone I know.
    13. Nice guy. For example, instead of just deleting emails that he’s not interested in, he’ll take the time to tell you why he’s declining (if he knows you) which is helping you, not him.
    14. Very thoughtful and pragmatic. For example, he chose to join Trump’s committees because he thought he could influence policy to make it better, then dumped it when it was clear that Trump wasn’t paying attention.
    Bill Gates has a lot of the same attributes.

    I have huge respect for both of them.


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      Elon Musk is a genius, he has his way of thinking a unique thinking as well as a great. He thinks out of box rare things that not in use. And we should never copy to others.
      He is very creative and innovative.
      Alway ahead of the competition, he thinks the things ahead of everybody, that is why he always dominate the in his chosen field.

      Obviously reading habit makes him knowledgeable, with reading you acquire knowledge.

      He has a clear vision of what he does.

      He is a risk taker, and take massive action with a positive mind, very few people have that type of mindset.

      he has made his own brand now business people ready to bet on him.

      He so things in a systematic way,

      He follows success habits.

      Work more than a normal guy. Successful people characteristics that he follows
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